Alternative Medicine: Chiropractic and Its Buddies

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Alternative medicine is leaving its mark all over the country because of its natural and holistic healing which resulted to a great number of satisfied patients. There are still some people who remain skeptical about the effects but this doesn’t prevent people to test out their curiosity. Today, we’re going to get a closer look on the most popular alternative medicine that people can’t stop talking about:

Acupuncture. People would think acupuncture is just about putting needles on your body but this alternative medicine focuses on specific points allover the body. The goal is to stimulate the body and reduce chronic pain by penetrating thin needles. It originated in China and it’s one of the components of traditional Chinese medicine.

Aromatherapy. This involves the inhalation and massage of essential oils for natural healing. Different oils have different uses but most are used to reduce pain, stress and inflammations. One of the most common oils used in aromatherapy is lavender oil which has been reported to bring soothing effects based on various studies.

Chiropractic care mainly focuses on ailments on the nervous and musculoskeletal systems such as neck and back pain. A chiropractor usually performs a spinal adjustment which can bring relief to sore muscles and improve range of motion. Some NFL athletes have a regular chiropractor care to maintain their athletic performance by lessening muscle tension.

waterHydrotherapy.┬áThis is known to have existed since 1700 BC and purely involves the use of water as a therapy. It’s believed that water can benefit our overall body and it may treat a wide range of conditions such as pain and swelling.

Homeopathy. Just think of having a vaccine as homeopathy works the same way. It’s basically treating a condition by using a substance that can cause the same symptoms.

Ayurvedic Medicine. Also called as Ayurveda and has been around for such a long time in India. A wide variety of techniques are involved such as massage, specialized diets and herbs. The goal is to balance the mind, body and spirit for holistic healing.

Reflexology. It’s all about applying pressure to specific areas on hands, feet and ears. It is said that these specific points correspond to various body organs and pressing them can have a positive effect on a persons’ health. Most reflexologists use a foot chart as guide to apply pressure on particular spots. You can do a DIY foot massage at home if you’re feeling it:

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